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About These Videos

UPDATE as of September 25th, 2018

My name is Allan and I play on the Tulsa Storm Rec. team at the Tulsa Oilers Ice Center in the Adult (non-checking) hockey league.

Players usually ask me why I take these videos and spend so much time doing it. At first it was just for myself to see how the opposing team played within my division so I would know what to expect. Then I realized that other players really liked to see their team and how they play. I found that I was learning a lot by watching the videos, especially the much higher divisions than my own.

Things happen so fast in the NHL that you can't hardly tell what happened unless you see the replay but when you check out these adult leagues they are just a little slower (lol) and you can really see how good and bad plays happen. Also, usually a player thinks they are doing really good, skating really well but when you check out the video of what you did you get the truth.

I take these videos with just my smartphone which is a Galaxy S8+. I usually take them in small 10 or 15 minute segments so that they can be uploaded to youtube individually without problems. It takes a day or two after a game to get all the files uploaded to youtube and to then edit them within youtube for viewing. After that, I work on getting their links up here at this website. It all can take a lot of time but I'll try the best I can to get videos up and running as quickly as possible.

Also, I try to film as many games as possible but I can't live at the rink so the later games seem to be the ones that I miss filming the most. I also don't do this kind of thing for a living so please be patient with my camera abilities. I talk in the videos at times so you'll also have to put up with me there. If you hear me announce the wrong score or the wrong team name don't worry, I try to get it corrected near the end and I do my utmost to correct everything in the youtube descriptions.

Note: This is a non-checking league but this still is hockey and things can get heated-up. You could hear bad language now and then and you may also see injuries occur. Some players may not wish to have themselves filmed playing hockey and then have it shown to the public on youtube. If I have filmed a game that you do not want on youtube then you have to email me your name, your teams name, and your captains name. I will then let the captain know the situation and I may not film that team again until further notice from the captain. I will then also remove the video in question from youtube.

As far as coding this website, I don't use an editor or website builder. All of the pages and coding of this website is raw html code. If you see any problems or have comments or suggestions then please email me.

Thanks for watching!

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